It’s hard to find rest in the midst of the chaos of the holidays. Especially when you have a toddler who thinks every little detail of the celebrations is super exciting.


We are still figuring out what our toddler needs this time of year and to find a balance; to maintain routine and find breaks among the events of the season. This year we have definitely been learning as we go.

We hit the ground running after Thanksgiving. The first week/weekend of December was jammed packed. I had two parties to go to and we hosted another. I saw Z struggling with the noise, decorations, distractions. I know he saw Mommy and Daddy were busy, excited, and a little anxious. Although it was all fun and he got to spend plenty of time with his friends, it was also out of the routine and he didn’t get the time with us he is used to.


In the middle of this, we tried to slow down and do our core family’s Christmas and tree decorating day. This is always a special time for just the three of us. This year Z chose the tree. We gave him three to choose from and he said he liked this one because it was tall. And it was,  L had to cut the top off so the angel topper would fit.


The following weekend we went to Zoo lights with some close friends. I told Z in the morning that we would pick him up from daycare after nap time to go to the Zoo. Well, when L came to the car with Z I found out he had not slept a wink at nap time. The second he got in the car he asked where the zoo was. We learned this kid can handle a surprise-better instead next time that he gets rest. We will try hard not to over talk or up talk an event to prepare him because, as we now know, he gets overexcited.


To be fair we have had our moments to slow down as well, Z loved getting mom time doing ornament and decoration crafts on weekday nights. We have sat around the Christmas tree and watched Z play with his toys while sipping coffee. And we have cuddled up to read plenty of Christmas books.

One night recently L and Z laid on Christmas blankets on the ground with the lights off and L recited “The Night Before Christmas” for Z-it was a special moment.

It is hard to balance rest, routine, and holiday events and we can’t say we’ve got if figured out yet but we are learning every year.

How do you find rest in the holiday chaos? What do you do as a family to slow down during the holidays?


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