Last April Z started showing an interest not only in trains but also train sets and building track.  This all gave me a pretty good idea of what to do for his birthday the next month (more to come on this).

MVIMG_20190429_161253551 (1)

As the weather continued to get better Z spent more and more time outside.

MVIMG_20190401_171600888 (1)

One day I found him playing in the dirt with a stick and realized he was ready for a sandbox.


Until birthday hit, I tried to do more sensory bins inside the house that could act like a sandbox, especially for rainy days.


Our church hosts a full day of Easter Egg hunting activities. Last Easter was the first time Z could participate. It was pouring down rain and we got in line with all the other 2-3 year olds and their parents.

IMG_20190421_215626_01 (2)

When the horn went off we all searched the grass for plastic eggs. It was cold and very busy a little overwhelming for Z. We may choose to go to the afternoon hunts in the future where there is more of a chance of better weather and less people.

We spent Easter weekend and NaiNai and Papa’s house. Everyone got excited to help Z dye eggs and we were happy to find one that will dye brown eggs. I was the only one who seemed unsure about Z having blue fingers on Easter.


We went to church then did our Easter egg hunt inside the house. Z loved hunting for eggs and needed very little help picking them up or putting them in the basket. He has sharp eyes and was able to find most of them on his own.


After the hunt, we ate some of the found dyed hard boiled eggs and hot crossed buns as a post-church snack and Z got to explore some Easter basket treats.

Already looking forward to the warmer weather? What are your favorite Easter or spring time traditions?

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