Z has really been into everything that is red and lights up and makes lots of noise in other words: firetrucks. His favorite T-shirt is red with a firetruck on it and we thrilled to get firetruck pajamas, a firefighter helmet, and a toy firetruck that lights up and makes noise for Christmas.



So I had to keep our MOPs outing to the fire station to myself until right before we went, otherwise I knew he would get over excited and may not sleep the night before.  We joined several of our friends at the station and joined up in the meeting room. Z loved taking a picture as a firefighter.


We were split into groups of two our group got a chance to see all the vehicles first. L was very helpful boosting kids in and out of the ambulance and firetruck that they had open for to explore.

Z loved seeing the buttons and the gear and hoses. L more than once had to keep him from trying to get into a driver seat on his own.


We then visited the living quarters. I had tried to explain to Z that firefighters have sleep overs there at the station in case they need to wake up and help someone in the middle of the night. He thought this was really cool and wanted to explore one of the bedrooms more.

IMG_20200125_103044203 (2)

We ended our little tour back in the meeting room the firefighters gave out hats and said goodbye. On the way to the car Z made it very clear he wished that it had all lasted longer.

It was a great first time visit. Do you ever want to be a firefighter when you were a kid?

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