Mother’s Day weekend we took NaiNai and Papa to our closest children’s museum. We had a fun day playing with the vehicles and in the gravel pit.

After a fun time at the museum, we went down the street to the farmer’s market for lunch. It was great to welcome the warmer weather.

After church on Sunday we went to brunch. L took Z outside every few minutes when a train went by.


Later in the month we celebrated Z’s 2nd bday. With all Z’s interest in trains we decided to go with Thomas the tank engine as our theme. On a bright sunny Saturday we had friends over in our front yard.

MVIMG_20190601_114124885 (1)



The tables we decorated with train track runners and buckets with train signs (repurposed from last year). For Z’s bday this year we bought him a second-hand train table and train track set. We were able to used pieces from the set as decorations.


For the younger kids we had a train sensory bin with mini trains and gravel to play in as well as a wood train block puzzle. The older builders loved having this Z’s train table and track set out at the party. All the kids loved getting their party favors early so they could  blow their wood whistles.


Some of my family, and a few friends decided draw a chalk train on the ground and a few older kids gave wagon rides in around the track, pretending it was a train and blowing their whistles.

MVIMG_20190601_122214809 (1)

The dads found themselves enjoying in a competitive toss game team thomas (blue) v.s team percy (red) while most of the moms took the chance to sit, relax, and talk.

IMG_20190601_133631287 (2)

Everyone had an awesome time.



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