This year we are lucky that Valentines falls on a Friday. Z will be going to daycare as usual and having a party with his friends. Meanwhile L and I will have a date-day at home with some cheese fondue and a movie or two .

For Valentines the past two years I have tried a different treat. Instead of making berry or cream pies I’ve made mini-cheesecakes.

IMG_20200206_131842877 (2)

I start with a pretzel bottom in silicone tins then a no-bake cheesecake filling of whip cream, cream cheese, and sweetened condensed milk. To top it all off this year I made a homemade raspberry sauce.

IMG_20200206_131833870 (2)
this was my first time putting raspberry sauce on top-had to learn r how much sauce would create a heart shape but not bleeding over

I keep these in the freezer until a little before we are ready to serve them so they stay nice and firm.

I shared these treat this year with some friends from MOPS, our preschool friends, and our family.

IMG_20200206_131824774 (2)

Z was so excited to help me make them and told everyone there was a surprise in the fridge for them.

Wishing you a happy valentines day celebrating those that you love.

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