For our first camping trip last year we decided to camp at Cape Disappointment and explore the Long Beach peninsula. I had been on a spring break trip in this area back in college, was curious how things had changed, and wanted to show L and Z the area.

Most of our trip was wet, cold, and windy. With some creativity we made it work. We did  picnic dinners inside the tent in the evening and opted to do our campsite stove or fire-pit meals at lunchtime. When it rained during the day we went on drives, taking that time to get Z a nap and waited for the sun to come out to explore.

Here are a few highlights from our trip:

After a long car drive up the peninsula we enjoyed a walk at Ledbetter state park and estuary.

Cape Disappointment is also a location for Coast Guard training. Z and L enjoyed watching the boats and the marina practicing maneuvers. Z loved his birthday present of binoculars and L enjoyed being able to really use his Christmas present: kid pack for hikes and walks.


During a dry patch we hiked up to the north-head light house.

Beautiful views on the hike to the light house



The interpretive center told the history of the area as well, it’s strategic location for ships and military, and the history of mapping and exploring the area with the Lewis and Clark expeditions. There also we  explored the buildings of Fort Canby, in use until post-world war II.

On another drive we went down to Fort Clatsop where the Lewis and Clark expedition stayed during one of their winters. Here we explored a replica of the fort and boardwalks along the water.

On another day  we drove into Long Beach and walked along the shops. We were grateful to spend a rainy evening inside a nicer Arcade area with options for entertainment for Z by himself and with mom and dad.

On the last day the weather was nice enough for us to explore the cove beach only a short walking distance from our campsite. S loved getting time to play in the sand and with the drift wood.

Even though our trip was wet, cold, and windy with a little creativity and adapting we made amazing memories together.



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