I was sick over Valentines weekend. Like have no energy could barely eat kind of sick. All romance was out the window and I had to let go of any plans and expectations.

As I cleaned up from the weekend-without-mom I realized something important.

I was disappointed that I missed a longer weekend with my family and frustrated that I was personally behind. But I as not upset about the mess.

I was able to see past the mess through a lens of gratitude.

The sink was full of dishes and I was grateful that my husband and son had enough food from around the house that they ate from home (and semi-healthy) over the weekend.

The bath tub was still full of Z’s bath toys, still I was grateful he got clean.

Not all clothes made it to the overflowing hamper, but at least Z and L were wearing clean clothes and for the most part new ones each day.

There were toys all over the house, however I was grateful Z and L played together and got quality time that wasn’t in front of the TV.

The floor surrounding Z’s bookshelf was covered in books, yet I was grateful that Z and L read plenty of books while I was unavailable.

Cleaning up the mess was my way of seeing what my family did without me all weekend.

I found myself grateful and blessed to know if I am out for the count my husband is not.

I am keeping all this in mind as we look to the summer. That lens of gratitude will go a long way for myself and my family while adjusting as a new family of four.

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