Here we go again!


Baby Greene #2 is a boy!

This little guy took us quite by surprise. This pregnancy has been so different from Z’s  that L and I were convinced we were having a girl. But this just reminds me how unique each child is from the moment of their creation. And that is amazing!


We gave Z a present to share the news: some big brother books and big brother/little brother hats. Z will get a chance to wear his big brother hat to the hospital and bring the lil brother one as a present when meeting his sibling


Z also got a new toy: a baby brother doll so he can play pretend and practice what it means to be a big brother!

Z got to show off his gifts to the grandparents as they opened their gift with recent ultrasound pictures.


We are grateful that, at least to some degree, we know what we are getting into with this little guy. We are blessed to be able to use Z’s clothes again and may eventually let the boys share the largest room of our house together.

And most of all, we are thankful to be surrounded by many boy-raising families, experiencing all stages of parenthood, whom we can talk to about what is means to raise a pair of awesome men.

We are all excited about our little guy and our life with two sons.

So did you guess right about baby #2? (Or were you just as surprised as us?)


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