In June we celebrated Fathers day by going to an airshow. L has always been a fan of planes, he took flying lessons and came close to having a private pilot’s licenses. Z is a fan of helicopters and planes.

MVIMG_20190616_143650549 (1)

He loves when the weather is good and one of our neighbors flies his white plane around. In the warmer months one of Z’s star chart reward choices is to head to the local airport for a picnic watching the planes take off or land.


When we got to the airport, we trucked our stroller and folding seats in and picked a spot on the tarmac. We watched performances from booming jets,  the dancing and dipping twirls of “sky dancers”, and the coordination of team flights.

MVIMG_20190616_142834871 (1)

When we needed a break from looking at the sky there were plenty of planes parked to look at and some great food vendors for lunch and a cool drink.

MVIMG_20190616_143622201 (1)

It was a long outing and Z was exhausted when we left but it was a wonderful way to celebrate L and his role as a Dad.


Later in the month we went on a weekend trip to visit with my brother and his family in Leavenworth. On the drive there we stopped at Snoqualmie Falls.

We had never been to this water fall and enjoyed the view. We made lunch in the back of the truck we were renting at the time before hitting the road again. It was a great place to stop, stretch our legs, and get in a great view.




The drive towards the mountains was beautiful passing orchards and seeing the Cascade Mountains. Having those mountains as the background of our weekend was amazing.


My sister-in-law grew up visiting this area, L and I had never been. So it was a fun new adventure. We took walks with the strollers to check out the shops, listened to great  music and had wonderful Bavarian food.


Z loved dancing to the polka music entertainment during one of our dinners.

We also enjoyed the park that runs along the Wenatchee  river. There they have several playgrounds; it was nice to enjoy the fresh mountain air.  We ended our trip with a roadside stop for local snacks. It was a great visit.


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