Our once very busy spring has all of a sudden come to a halt.

We had plans to go to conferences and weddings and had to cancel. The schools have closed; so have the libraries and museums. We will not meet for MOPS for March or April. Churches are doing online services. Then just yesterday the restaurants and all entertainment closed as well. We are just waiting for more cancellations and changes to come. It’s hard and disappointing.

I feel the pull like everyone else to keep refreshing facebook and news feeds; sucked into the anxiety of the next and worst news. Going to the grocery store is no better. You can feel the panic. Everyone is distracted and aisles of food are empty. I had to be creative with my meal planning this week. And may I just say it was WAY more difficult in that environment to remind my toddler to keep his hands away from his face then I thought it would be.

Even with all of that, I am trying to not give into the stress or hype. Fear does absolutely nothing to keep you safe or help you cope with change. And it definitely doesn’t help your toddler to stay calm or listen to you when its really important that they do.

Instead I am trying to choose wisdom, caution, and lots of hand washing and sanitizer. When I am out with others I am trying to stay calm and show grace -no need to make anyone angry or feed someone else’s fear.


I am finding what I can be grateful for in the midst of the chaos. Such as the signs of early spring like the daffodils my son brought in from a walk with Dad this past weekend.

For an introvert like me I think I can see the beauty of slowing down easier than others. I breathe a sigh of relief as the pressures of social engagements and travel are moved off our calendar.

All of our normal distractions, entertainment, social outlets, are being peeled away and what does that leave us with? Each other on a extended stay cation.

I can fight it. I rage against it and stayed glued to the news. Or I can take this time to rest, get creative, re-connect with my family,  and be grateful for what matters .

I am planning to do the best I can with the latter. It is easy to say this now. I realize it may harder be in a few weeks when everyone in our home, and in our community, begins to feel the “cabin fever”; when the creativity for activities to defeat boredom are stretched.

But if we can get past that stage I believe there we can walk away from this with a stronger connection as a family, as friends, and with a renewed perspective and appreciation for what matters most to us all.

As a family we are praying for wisdom, peace, safety, and health, for all of you.

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