We are all looking at a lot of bad and ugly out there. In this time I am trying out some  mental disciplines to help me get through. Thankfulness is one of them. I am weekly writing down what I am thankful for in this tough season. I thought it might help to share some of “the good” that’s come out of this hard time.

  1. I have spent more time with Z. Although not always easy, it has been a beautiful blessing to get intensive un-distracted alone time with him. I feel like I am so out of practice at this-been so busy-it is great to learn again how to play, have fun, and just be with him.
  2. More time spent with L. I am grateful I have him to talk things through with-processing all the tough stuff. We are more aware of each other and our limits and are stepping in to help each other with Z and around the house as needed. With other social outlets gone, we see how much of our time together is logistics and business and are trying to get some fun time together.
  3. More time outside. I am thankful for our “outings” on the property no matter how long or short they are. For walks to get the mail, kick the ball, throw rocks in the pond, splash in puddles, pull a wagon around. We’ve also been doing picnic dinners and lunches. Fresh air is doing a world of good.
  4. Season of spring. It signifies hope of change that winter will end. The sunshine, the cherry trees, green grass, and wind promise change will come. I am so grateful we are not stuck inside and at home.
  5. Grateful for the basics. We are blessed with resources and supplies -even if it requires creativity we have more than what we need. More than ever we are paying attention to how we use it so there is plenty for those who really need it. We have a roof over our head, a warm house, food to put on the table, the medicine we need. I am not taking any of that for granted and praying for those who are without.
  6. Internet. Pinterest has been a lifesaver for creative ideas and resources with preschool, meal planning, and ideas for keeping Z  busy. Facebook messenger, Zoom, and other video messaging apps have helped make it easier to check in with L during the day and stay connected with friends. Online shopping has also been awesome-for well . . . .everything from preschool supplies to food.
  7. Those still working. For everyone who is putting themselves out there and working away from home because they are considered “essential”: truckers, food workers, medical providers, cleaners, warehouse and factory workers, grocery store workers, delivery workers, postal workers, gas station workers, sanitation workers and so on.
  8. Social Distancing. It’s not the problem; it is a privileged and blessing. There are many places around the world where the standards we are trying to keep in place to stay healthy and safe are not possible. In these places houses are too close together, six feet apart is not realistic, people do not have running water, sinks or toilets, let alone soap or hand sanitizer. I am hoping that the social distancing we are doing now will slow the spread around the world.
  9. For my family’s health.  I am thankful that my family, extended and otherwise, are being wise, staying home, and staying healthy.
  10. For having plans for Easter, just the three of us. I’m glad L and I decided to make a plan ahead of time. It helps us have something to look forward to and share with Z. Celebrating, even if in small numbers, is still fun.

Whether your list looks a lot like mine or not. I hope you feel inspired and encouraged to create your own “the good” list to focus on during these hard times.


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