Z was asking about Easter as far back as January, once the Christmas blues hit, and wanted something fun to look forward to. We did a count down to Easter through the lent season that Z loved. So for the end of our countdown we did preschool activities focusing on Easter.


Z had a fun hiding and finding chicks in the grass of our Easter sensory bin putting them in and out of the eggs.


We did several plastic eggs hunts inside the house. In one we put letters and numbers we have learned recently inside. Once all the eggs were found, Z put the right number or letter on a worksheet. We also hid chicks inside the eggs in numbers of 0-3. Z counted how many in each. We learned that Z didn’t enjoy egg hunts with numbers or letters on the outside with nothing to “find” on the inside.

Z enjoyed playing an Easter themed matching game using eggs to cover the pictures and a coloring sheet Easter hunt. He is a big fan of any type of “I spy” activity.

For snack we made bird’s nests out of pretzels, crispy noodles, melted butterscotch and peanut butter. We used jelly beans for the eggs. Z loved the jelly beans and asked for more “eggs” before considering eating the nest.

This week our focus was on the letter E for Easter. We did a few E worksheets and even tried to fill a large E with jelly beans (that took concentration for Z who just wanted to eat them all).

To be honest, we have had our ups and downs with being at home and doing preschool alone. I try to provide variety and let him choose what he wants to do. Even then he may want to do it differently than I had planned. We did some finger/hand painting instead of using Easter eggs to stamp with paint. We also chose not to participate in a egg hunt because all the eggs were shades of blue. Still the point is there were a few good focused fun moments and we are learning something.

On another day we did a pattern game. Using printable cards we had Z put the Easter eggs in order by the color the card said into an egg carton. Z also enjoyed doing an Easter themed play dough mat and playing with a window clings too.

We are so grateful is has been so warm and sunny this past week. Outside playtime has been huge part of our day! We have had several lunch and dinners in the yard.

What fun activities did you do for Easter?

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