For mother’s day weekend family usually helps us with yard work in preparation for Z’s bday at the end of the month. On Sunday we dress up, with coffee we open presents, we go to church, and then off to our favorite brunch option which usually includes heartier fare for the guys. The rest of the day is spent relaxing.

This year of course has been different. But different is not always a bad thing. This weekend as usual we have worked on the yard just not with the extra help. Z helped me weed in the front beds and clean up the toys in the yard. L put in a hard days work getting yards mowed, weed-whacked and so on. Z loved watching L use his lawn tools.

On Sunday we all took a short drive to pick up our to-go brunch: quiche, fruit salad, sausage, chocolate dipped strawberries and carrot cake for dessert. While out L also stopped so we could get coffee.

While enjoying our drinks, L handed me a few presents including a CD I’ve been wanting and an awesome spa foot tub.  We enjoyed our brunch then video chatted with family.

L took Z for a few hours and nap time routine so I could get some much needed self care time. I was able to use my new foot tub and do my nails while listening to my new CD. It was amazing to get some calm personal down time.

For dinner we dipped into our freezer meals, I was determined not to cook.

As we begin to countdown to Baby Greene #2’s due date (7 weeks), its nice to take a few minutes in the midst of the “getting ready” season to relax.

What did you do for mother’s day? Any creative plans to connect with those moms and mom-like figures in your life during this season?

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