This month was all about the weather. The first week we focused on wind.

We did two sensory bins using a straw, Z learned how wind moves sand in desserts and creates waves in water.

IMG_20200330_165432299Since the weather outside is so unpredictable, we used a fan to learn how objects move in the wind; Z tested out balloons, feathers, cups, blocks, pinwheels, and bubbles.

Z and I also did races with straws to see who could move objects across the counter fastest. He also had fun playing with shaving cream to create swirling wind art designs.

Z enjoyed making wind art with a straw and watercolor drops.

IMG_20200402_102851306 (1)

For snack time we learned how the air in an electric beater causes whip- cream to whip up like clouds.

IMG_20200415_093245978The next week we focused on rain and the water cycle. We did a sensory bin with cotton balls as rain clouds. Z emptied the rain clouds, squeezing them to make it rain.

Z enjoyed dropped dye into a shaving cream cloud and watched it “rain” in a jar.


We made rainy window art using watercolor in a spray bottle. It was a little messy but the final product was fun.

We also made umbrellas out of coffee filters, using markers and spray bottles to spread the design. Z enjoyed a snack of pirates bootie-to look like clouds and blueberries for rain.


After this we learned about snow. We did a sensory bin of play snow.


Z enjoyed a snow storm in a jar watching the “snow” swirl and dance.

We also practiced cutting snowflakes along lines and then putting them together again like a puzzle.

Z really enjoyed making a snowflake out of pipe cleaners.

Then we learned about the different types of clouds. We glued cotton balls in different cloud shapes onto a blue sky paper.  We also did a cloud in a jar experiment.


Z enjoyed watching the cloud appear.  For snack time Z enjoyed popcorn and marshmallows to act like snow clouds and snowballs.

On the last week we focused on the sun. For a sensory bin we did yellow lemon scented rice with yellow pompoms and sunflower seeds.  We learned how the sun can make things melt, watching ice melt in the sun and enjoying a popsicle.


Z had fun making a sun catcher and practicing his scissors skills to make the sun’s rays. We also learned about shade and shadows.


Z helped me make a sundial. We also put objects on white and black paper to see how hot they would get. Z put sunscreen on a page to show how it keeps its color unlike “unprotected” paper. We also played with solar sensitive paper. I made a shadow of a dandelion and Z did one of rocks. For snack time Z enjoyed dried fruit learning how the sun dries raisins, berries, and cranberries.

IMG_20200326_180814825 (1)

Throughout the month we used a magnetic calendar to change the weather. After a month of this, Z now looks out the window and notices the weather has changed, and changes the weather magnet all by himself.

What is your favorite type of weather? What is your favorite season? What are you enjoying about the weather where you live right now?



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