I really have to cut back on social media. I have become unhealthy glued to it to find out current new through this season. But the information I have found has been so confusing, convoluted, contradictory and sometimes inflammatory. It feels like there is no neutrality, no strict “facts”, everyone has an agenda and it is easy to get lost in the opinions and emotions of others.

Even as things begin to “calm down” new sources seem to feed off of chaos to keep us stuck in the fear cycle. There seems to be an intentional war on information-in the information age it feels more confusing then ever.

I know that I am guilty of becoming too comfortable with assuming we can find all the answers we need on the internet instead of using my own education, intellect, instincts, insights, discernment, wisdom, and research to determine the truth.

It is extremely difficult to not become fearful or anxious as I continue to feed my minds with anxiety producing material. What our eyes see, what we process or have to filter is what we think about and in turn affects our emotions-there is no way around it.

I tell myself I am going on social media to check on friends and family-to connect and communicate with those I care about. But the way that the whole system is set up now-I am seeing more news, advertisements and “commercials” then I am the content of my friend’s and family’s lives.

That is frustrating-it leaves me irritated and sad if not discouraged as well. I’m tired of being sucked in and want to be intentional about what I think on. The mind like all other muscles of the body can be trained and has to be in order to affect the rest of our health and well being.

I will be honest I have not been training my mind as well as I could be in this season. But I want that to change. What are you choosing to focus or think on in this season? How are you managing the social media barrage of information or misinformation?

More on this to come.

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