We had a very low key holiday weekend.

NaiNai and Papa decided to stay with us to celebrate the 4th, which was also G’s first weekend. We took advantages of this to get some updated family pictures.




We had homemade hamburgers and berries with ice cream for dessert. After dinner L put on a nice toddler-friendly fireworks show for us in the backyard. Z loved watching the “spinners” as he called them that whistled and changed colors, the smoke bombs, and of course the big ones that went “boom”.

Our poor dog K hates the fireworks. All weekend she was in her “stress vest”. We don’t know her actual birthday but we know it is sometime during the first week of July. So we always have celebrated with the 4th of July. This year she turned 4 on the 4th-and got to lick out the remainder of a peanut butter container. And no- no new photos of her at this time-her human counter parts took precedent that week.

G did surprisingly well with it all considering the noise. He put up well with me and NaiNai taking a ton of pictures of him in his holiday onesie too.

I felt so grateful. After months of waiting and wondering here I had my family of four together healthy and safe. It was a good day.

What did you do for the 4th? What are you grateful for?




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