I missed you all! My absence from blogging has been less because of our new little one G and more because we went a month without internet at home! I had posts ready but no way to upload pictures or set posting times etc. It was frustrating but thank goodness that changed in time for fall! As I share an update on our lives and what our fall looks like; I will also be blowing this post up with pictures of the boys from this summer (figured you wouldn’t mind).

G month 1:

Like many other families right now we are adjusting to a new norm this fall.

L started back at work a week ago at the same organization but in a new position. This changes our pattern but the hours will be better for us as a family. It is difficult to transition but it is healthy for us all to get into a routine.

G month 2:

I am also easing back into my many roles.

The alternative/nontraditional preschool options I was hoping to get Z into this fall were canceled or postponed due to Covid related regulations. So once again Z and I are doing preschool from home a few days a week; this time with G to care for as well.

This past week preschool went pretty well all things considered. Z procrastinates the routine and structured activities but is in a better mood because of it and enjoys it when we really do get going.

This next week I start back at work as well. It was great to be on maternity leave but I also felt like I was missing out as a lot of awesome changes and expansions occurred while I was gone. I am looking forward to getting back to it but also know that the first week back is overwhelming.; kind of like the on-ramp of a freeway, you need to speed up your pace in order to catch up with the flow of traffic.

The week after that we will be in full swing as I continue my position volunteering with MOPS (in a virtual capacity) and join other moms in an informal outdoor forestry preschool class.

Life is getting full again and we are taking it one step and day at a time as we navigate this fall with both our boys!

Looking forward to filling you in on our summer adventures in the next few weeks.

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