Mom’s favorite Christmas present came early this year! We found out right before Christmas that Z got into “big boy” preschool!

He has been on a wait list since last November. Mommy is beyond thrilled (even though it meant some last-minute paperwork and pre-holiday logistics).

The Christmas break was a good time to say goodbye to daycare. With the new year we have all started a new routine without “mommy-as-teacher”.

I feel so blessed to have been such a huge part of Z’s education and preschool experience . We learned so much together and about each other in this season. It was a lot of work but so rewarding. I know I will miss our learning moments together.

However, we are thrilled to have Z in face-to-face nurturing learning environment where he can make some new friends his age. He is ready for the structured activities and consistent socialization and schedule. Mommy is ready to take a break from the lesson planning etc. and get more time to play with both boys.

And . . .Z first day week went great! His teacher and aide told me he is adjusting well. Z has told me more in our car rides home about what he is up to in those three hours at preschool then he ever did in our post-daycare drives!

If you were enjoying my preschool blogs and are bummed by this momma’s good news- don’t worry! I still plan to catch you all up on our fall and winter preschool units. Plus I continue doing some sensory bins and the occasional structured activity for Z on his “non-preschool” days and in the afternoons. He enjoys them and so do I. So I will probably share those along the way as well.

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