Well we have come to the end of our preschool year.

At the beginning of this month, Z’s big boy preschool ended for the year. Z enjoyed preschool graduation and party/luau at a local park. There were Island-themed games, pizza, and cake. Z loved finally being able to see his class’ volcano (they made) erupt with red food dye, baking soda, and vinegar. Z was given a goody-bag with treats at the party. He was sent home (earlier in the week) with a packet that included his actual certificate of completion, along with end of the year presents.

He also received an activity packet nicknamed S.O.S (save our skills) for him to finish over the summer to earn a prize when he comes back. Z will be returning to “big boy” preschool (we will call it Pre-K 5 from now on) in the five day a week class in the Fall. Even though it is months away, Z is excited that he will be going to school next year with one of his best buds from his old daycare.

The following week we also ended our co-op home school activity group. Everyone had a chance to review the skills they had learned playing a variety of outdoor games: egg toss and race, sack race, parachute games, kick ball, corn hole and others. We had a BBQ picnic dinner at the end and many of the Dad’s came in time for dinner and the award ceremony.

Last of all, we finished off home-school preschool at the end of May. I shared with him a letter I wrote about how proud I was of him:

“It has been my privileged and honor to be your teacher these past two years. I have loved every insight and discovery; seeing your creativity and curiosity; watching you learn, explore and ask questions. I know some activities were not fun or tough but not matter what, you proved to be persistent and preserved. . . I want you to always come to me with your discoveries, your realizations, your questions. I am always here with an open ear and heart ready to answer you or go on an adventure to find the answer together. I am so proud of you and all youv’e learn with me.”

I gave him a certificate, a lollipop, and we celebrated with dinner out at the picnic tables outside the local airport.

With Z going to Pre-K 5 next Fall, I will be taking a step back from the role as his teacher. It is bittersweet for me. I have absolutely loved being so involved in my little mans’ learning journey. The teacher (and Mom) in me has a hard time letting go. Still I know that there are always so many teachable moments ahead. Plus now I have tons of curriculum for G (when he’s ready).

We are looking forward to a lot of great summer activities. We are hoping to do swim lessons, go camping, be creative at home and more. Z is signed up for several summer camps at our closest children’s museum as well so we will see how those go.

Can’t wait to share about our summer adventures with you!

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