So many big events happened in the past few weeks! Z turned 4 at the end of May!

This past year has been a tough one for Z with many unforeseen challenges and changes. He has come out of it all stronger, kinder, more patient and thoughtful, and just as curious, creative, and brave as ever! Plus he has proved to be an amazing big brother!

On his birthday, Z hunted for birthday gifts and found them hiding around the house. We had a slow morning enjoying playing with his new toys.

After lunch, we packed up and headed for one of our favorite parks along the river. It was busy, but that added to the excitement for the kids. Z loved watching ski-dos, chasing waves/wake made by them, and teasing mom by trying to get me wet;running out of the water kicking and splashing. G loved watching the wind surfers and playing with the sand. We got dinner and yogurt in town later that night.

Z was able to celebrate his birthday on one of the last days of preschool as well. He brought some yummy cookies to school to share and they sang happy birthday to him. He was gifted several books as presents from his teachers.

The following weekend was Z’s birthday party. This year was construction themed. After all the sunshine and heat we had, the party day called for rain. So we brought our activities inside and it worked out pretty well. These Northwest kids are used to it: whenever the sun came out for even a short while they all threw on shoes and played outside, when the clouds rolled in again, they all took off the shoes and came back inside to play. It meant muddy pine needle covered floors, and a messy house AND yard, but everyone had a blast.

We had a caution cone ring toss, black bean construction sensory table, a construction work bench, and plenty of construction vehicles and blocks out to play with. Everyone got a construction hat to take home and at Z’s request we had his first pinata: a dump truck we filled with lollipops (his favorite) and pull back construction vehicles. The sun came out for just long enough for us to let everyone hit the pinata and break it open.

We were so proud of all of Z’s friends who were kind, took turns, shared and were polite (with minimal reminders) in spite of the high energy fun and sugar load.

Speaking of sugar load, our close friend made an amazing chocolate dirt construction cake that everyone devoured. Leftover cake didn’t make it past extended family’s snacking on Sunday afternoon.

Happy Birthday Z!

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