Let me assure you that if I am silent on this blog it is not because I have nothing to share. In fact, it is probably the exact opposite.

My life is overflowing with little and big adventures: life lessons and teachable moments (for myself along with my kids). My life may just be so full that I do not have the time to write about it right now.

The everyday adventures I get to experience with my two little boys are amazing, but also constant. In order to share with all of you about our adventures I have to be able to take a break from them. I have to review and reflect, write about the highlights, collect the pictures and put it all together.

Although I love sharing about our lives, I also need other things: like time to rest, time to reconnect with myself and with L. Sometimes I just don’t have the mental energy to write or edit pictures.

Most often, I write my personal adventures: the life learning journey when the inspiration comes, when the topic is clear and cemented in my mind. It is then that I write with confidence, fervor and little editing is needed. I know what I am suppose to say.

But those words you see don’t start there. Usually they start as ideas that take days, weeks, maybe even months of mulling over: journaling and reading before I write on them to share with you.

It’s like I am on a hiking trek along some switchbacks-when there is a good safe place to take a break I will-once I am rested- I am ready to share my experiences of what the trail is like and what I have seen. This is the pattern I have decided is realistic and allows me to write when I can, when I am ready, when I want to.

So let’s just stay I’ve got plenty to share-but I am still trekking with some windy side paths and curves yet to explore.

After I’ve had a chance to catch my breath, sit down on the rock, and drink some water, I look forward sharing my adventures with you while we all enjoy a trail-side snack.

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