I want to share with you about our summer adventures. Still, I procrastinate these types of posts because I struggle with the right words looking back. Often it feels like when I share an overview of our family’s experiences it can come across as either bragging or boring . What I hope is that you see the beauty of our family’s journey: whether I write about the mountains, valleys, or the flat endless road.

We spent Fourth of July with a few friends and an long weekend at home. Sometimes after weeks of plans its nice to get quiet time just the four of us.

Z, G and I enjoyed a lot of play dates with friends at playgrounds and each others homes. Z loved learning how to make and enjoy popsicles and pudding pops, G enjoyed eating them without help.

G and Z loved getting lots of time outside in the sun and playing in water.

Speaking of water, Z went to swim lessons with some of his friends for two weeks. He did a great job with kicking and floating. He was very brave learning to put his face in the water, which he is not a fan of. G watched with his friends (siblings of his brother’s friends) sharing snacks from the strollers.

I helped Z work through his summer preschool activity book (SOS) to bring back for a reward at the beginning of the year. Once we completed that, I wanted to keep his mind going, so I asked him to choose one activity book/page during lunch time. I also set up reading incentives plan. After reading twenty books (mind you these are shorter picture books) we could go to the library and get new books to read. Z loved the library trips and getting books that connected to the themes he was learning with summer camps.

Near the end of the month Z got a chance to go to engineering/construction camp at the museum. He thought this camp was way more fun than the previous one. I didn’t get a lot of picture of Z but he brought home a lot of fun creations and shared about many different physic experiments (not in those words) they did from racing cars, to building robots, to making structure out of loose parts and glue.

G and I got some great time together in the kid play area as well.

That covers our July-hopefully I will finally get to August soon!

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