I am so grateful for all we have had the opportunity experience this past fall. As a family we have worked on finding a balance of rest, visits, projects, and maintain a healthy routine. Z started 5 day preschool at the beginning of September. He struggled with adjusting to the change in routine and so many new experiences can be overwhelming. With time, Z learned to really enjoyed being able to play with some of his best friends and learn. I love getting time alone with G while Z is at school then time alone with Z while G naps after preschool pick up.

Later in September by grandmother came to visit for a week. We spent the week reading books, playing at home, and baking apple treats. Before she went home we took a trip to the children’s museum. It was G’s first time walking at the museum and it was like a whole different world for him. Z loved showing grandma everything and enjoyed dinner out and a local ice cream truck dessert afterward.

In October, Z’s prek-5 class went to the pumpkin patch. Z loved going with friends, exploring the old machinery and sitting up front to watch the tractor wagon ride through the patch and corn maze.

G loved feeling like a big kid on the field trip. After the tractor ride the kids were able to pick out a pumpkin then we had pumpkin muffins they had made at school with apple juice. It was a ton of fun even with the wet weather.

For Halloween this year I took G and Z to the Children’s museum harvest party. Z loved the scarecrow scavenger hunt and hay maze outside. G loved putting balls in the air tubes and being big enough to join Z playing in the “big kid” areas. Later in the week, L took the boys to the trunk or treat with friends while I went to a non-kid birthday party. On Halloween we stayed home had apple cider and popcorn and carved a pumpkin. At school Z had a ho-down celebration with dancing, songs around a pretend fire, and s’mores.

This past week Z has a thanksgiving feast at school. They brought a stuffed animal from home to be their ingenious /native America guest at the table. Z enjoyed turkey roll ups and pumpkin pie for dessert. He has been wearing his pilgrim hat for playtime at home. School also sent home a place mat he made with a hand drawn turkey and hand print turkey on it. At home we continued our tradition of a thankful pumpkin as well.

Other than these events we successfully, with the help of my father in law, redid our guest bathroom over Labor Day Weekend. L and I also celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary at the coast with the help of my parents who spent time with the kids. L went hunting with his dad and we visited with my in laws for veterans day weekend as well.

We enjoyed celebrating some friends birthdays and having a chance to have friends over for play dates. The boys have enjoyed the non-rainy days bundled up outside and the rainy ones playing with sensory bins or creating forts and puppet shows.

It has been amazing to see them grow (had to change both of their clothes out) and learn how to be brothers.

We look forward to Thanksgiving with my family this year and then on towards the winter festivities. Hope you have all had a great fall season.

One thought on “Fall 2o21

  1. Love seeing the pictures. G has changed in just the two months since I was up there. He is so cute. I’m glad to see the boys enjoying each other. You have such a busy life. The boys are growing up so fast.
    Love ❤️
    Grandma Jan

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