We are still trying to settle into 2022 and all it has in store. But let me start by sharing about winter 2021.

At the beginning of our December is almost always our cookie exchange party. The boys enjoyed matching shirts, playing with their friends, doing a scavenger hunt of holiday decor around the house for prizes. L made his homemade eggnog, I brought out my variety of homemade cookies, and friends brought some of their favorites as well.

That same weekend we did our small family Christmas. We went to a new Christmas tree farm on a wet cold day. We bundled up unsure what we would find but after a good walk we found a few great trees. With a little bit of patience in the rain we ended up taking home one of our largest and fullest trees ever. That day we also did family presents. Z and G loved getting new books but learned they would have to be patient for their other shared present (which was running late).

Z had several Christmas events with pre-5. He enjoyed pajama and popcorn day then the preschool holiday celebration was hosted outside this year. Although a little chilly, the kids sang with cheer and shared scriptures they had memorized. We enjoyed lunch and holiday treats and let the kids run around until they go too cold. G did great listening to Z sing and wanted to be like the big kids and run around-but got cold and tired quick. Z also had a toy exchange with his class. We were so proud of Z for choosing to give away a larger toy he doesn’t play with anymore. He even helped me to wrap it and print off instructions for it.

We also got to go to a Christmas concert we’ve been trying to get to for years. In the past their concerts were too close to Christmas, then last year they didn’t have one. This year all proceeds for the concert went to Z’s school-we thought well let’s go! We were amazed at how well Z did during a long concert. He was so patient and even politely told us when he needed to walk around or to go to the bathroom. G enjoyed it too but fell asleep half way through. L and I were thrilled we loved the music-first concert we’ve been to in years.

At home Z and I did our advent study and talked about the themes for each week of hope, peace, joy and love. We took our time going through the nativity story and focused on how important it is to give to others. Z was very involved in choosing gifts for family, making them for teachers, nannies, family, and in giving to those in need in our community, to his school, and to kids living around the world. He loved being able to make decisions and choices to help others.

As usual we traveled to see family for Christmas. The boys were absolute troopers on all of the car rides. My mom commented it was nice to have everyone healthy and we realized it was the first time since we moved to the northwest that we have all been well at Christmas! That was a blessing. Christmas had a few unexpected ups and downs but we worked through them all as a family including taking our normal three hour drive from one family to the next and turning it into a four and half hour long drive in the snow to the coast. We all made it there safely and everyone was gracious and patient with each other.

We came home to snow on the ground and a cold house and tried to regroup for new years. On new years eve we had a few friends over for pizza and to just catch up. L lite some fireworks which were awesome to watch as they reflected off the snow and the sky. The next day we did our at home tradition of fondue/snacks and games.

Z said he loved new years because it is a day where we change the rules: snacks all day (healthy ones mostly), extra screen time, puzzles and games, playing with new presents and toys, and you can stay in your PJs if you want. It was a great day to recharge and relax.

We were all ready to start 2022 well. I was ready to get everyone back to routine school and all. Monday came and we were told late start for icy roads (well late start means no half day pre-5). The next day-the same message. I was starting to get a little stir crazy with everyone at home and no plans. Fortunately we were able to enjoy some fun in the snow for part of it. We got back to things on Wednesday but by Thursday we had warnings of flooding. So Z’s school let out early, we weren’t sure if they nanny was coming, and L got off work early as well. There were real concerns that it could be bad with rain falling and snow melting. L ended up working from home the next day and Z had no school.

Fortunately our house and property were fine and flood waters receded before Monday.  The rest of the month was spent trying to get back to normal routine but dealing with colds and L got a flu. Z stayed home from school one day, G had a stuffy nose for a long time but recovered. L had to take a week off from work and rest. He is doing well now. I guess we had to make up for being healthy over Christmas.

Hopefully, even with a rocky start, we are now moving forward with 2022!

Oh and Z and G finally got their Christmas present from us: a play couch. It took double the time it was expected to for us to get it. However, the boys were patient and they love it. It has been a great option for indoor play and L and I find it a helpful resource as a cot/bed when needed in one of the boys rooms in the night. G is transitioning out of his crib and onto a mattress on the floor and Z has upgraded to a bigger bed.

Hoping you all had a wonderful holiday season and happy new year!

2 thoughts on “Winter 2021-2022

  1. I remember your awesome Christmas cookies!! Sounds like wonderful Christmas traditions you have started with your family. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. Loved all the pictures and seeing all the activities the boys were doing. Your family stays so busy. Enjoy your boys while they’re young. They go up so fast. I can see a difference since I was up there in September. Love you guys

    Grandma Jan

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