Well it’s already almost mid-summer and here I am finally getting the spring family update on the way. I know my writing recently has been sparse-I rarely have the mental energy to write these days-but I know that will change soon enough. Life is full and I am grateful for that.

This spring literally flew by. Here are some of the highlights.

At the end of January, we enjoyed a visit from my parents, we went to the children’s museum, dinner, and ice cream (yum!). The boys loved showing off their new Christmas items and playing with them.

This year L surprised me at valentines. Z and him went to get groceries, when they came back, I helped unload. L said there’s more in the back seat. When I looked there were a dozen red roses. Z did a great job keeping the surprise. It is the first time I have received roses like that since we were dating.

This fall we will be married ten years, and have been together for more than eleven (hard to believe). We were able to enjoy a quiet overnight getaway along the Colombia river at the end of February. Z and G loved spending time with NaiNai and Papa.

Z had a great Pre-5 valentines party at school. I was thrilled by other family’s creativity so he did not get all sugary treats. Z helped me to make chocolate dipped Oreos for his teachers.

Around this time, we realized Z was probably allergic to food dye. There had been a few incidences with candy canes and valentines treats that we linked to a rash and mood swings. We followed up with an allergist and found out my boys are not allergic to tree nuts or barley (if you’ve read my blogs you’ll understand why this is a huge relief). We are using natural food coloring and treats for now.

For L ‘s bday this year, we had a family at the children’s museum. Z enjoyed making a leprechaun trap. Z at Pre-5 enjoyed green eggs and ham day at school (with his own separate natural food dye) and a St. Patrick’s day scavenger hunt.

Another fun March activity was grandmother day. My mom came for a Pre-5 day to share about her hobbies of crocheting and quilt making. They made a quilt square together, read a book about quilting, and had milk and cookies. It was a great memory moment.

Life picked up speed by April. For spring break, I took the boys with me to my parents Lake house. Z really enjoyed the library audiobooks and music on the way down. We checked out the local science museum, planetarium and enjoyed pizza and a carousel. We had fun going to a local park with a lake as well. The boys played in the sand, on the playground, we had a picnic, and G enjoyed watching the salmon.

Our spring weather has been volatile to say the least. We have had wind storms, hail, thunder and lightening and even the week before Easter: snow. That’s right snow in April. 

We celebrated Easter with NaiNai an Papa this year. We visited with Great-grandma at her home, played outside when the weather was good and dyed eggs. On Easter Sunday we did a hunt and went to church. The boys stayed in adult service and were very patient. We were so proud of them. We came home and did an at-home hunt, had lunch and hunted for our baskets. It was a full day and we had to come home later that night.

I am proud of our boys and how they handled the business of April:  all the car time, travel, and all the transitions and family visits.

We also were able to enjoy a wonderful Mother’s Day. L took me on a great date to pick out flowers for our front beds (which have been empty for the last five years). Later that afternoon mom got a date with Z. We worked on our flower display project for Z’s mom-day event at Pre-5, got Cocoa together and read books. After church, we changed out of our nice clothes and planted the flowers, played at home, had popcorn and watched cartoons, then made breakfast for dinner. After a busy month we were grateful for a low-key day just us. 

Later in the week we were happy to have NaiNai come with us to Z’s Pre-5 Muffins with Mom event. Z sang songs, we had muffins, we made a necklace together, then took pictures with our flower display project.

Along with all of this we have been attending a new church. The boys are doing great in their class/Bible time, we are enjoying Sunday service, and are starting to get involved: L is going to Bible study and men’s breakfast, Z is signed up for summer VBS and we are hoping to connect with more people in summer groups.

As for the every-day life, we have been taking advantage of any sunny days we can playing in the water, going on wagon rides on the property. G is fascinated by all bugs, birds, and vehicles going by in the air or street. Both boys love being outside and G often wants to go out first thing in the morning-in his PJS.

We have made the most of cold days enjoying many uses for the couch forts. We have added stepping stones to this which makes for a fun obstacle course. Z has really gotten into variations of the floor is lava.  We have been changing out the sensory bins often with seasonal favorites, G plays in the bin daily.

And now we have finished up our school-year activities and are adjusting to the summer routine.

We are looking forward to sharing with you soon about warmer weather, preschool graduation, celebrating the boys birthdays, summer play dates, summer camps and so much more.

Hope you have all had a wonderful spring.

One thought on “Spring 2022

  1. Enjoyed reading about all the activities your family has been involved in this spring. Love reading about the boys. Wish I lived closer so I could see them more often. They are growing up so fast. Love you and your family so much. Thanks for the posting.

    Love Grandma Jan

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