About Me


A little about me:

-I’m a Los Angeles born sun-loving swimmer who turned into a Seattle scarf wearing coffee snob in college.

-I’m now trying to find my new identity in the small-town Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York.

-I’m a young newly-wed who is serious minded and has an old soul. I am married to someone who is young at heart and laid back.

he loves to make me laughIMG_2045

-I’m a writer who loves to read with a cup of Joe doctored by my homemade creamer.

-I’m reflective, a brainstormer, and a recovering perfectionist; a  journaler who loves to tell stories and share memories.


-I’m an indoor introvert who loves wearing my cupcake apron while perfecting baking recipes and cooking healthy simple meals from scratch as often as possible.


-I’m an outdoor extrovert who loves camping, hiking, kayaking, and overall exploring the world around me.


-I’m an organizer who loves sticky notes, white boards, and my daily planner.

-I’m an observer of societies and cultures –I like to learn what makes them thrive or struggle.


-I’m an (ESL) educator and an editor; translating what people say, helping them best communicate their intentions, thoughts, and heart.

-I’m a perpetual although sometimes protesting learner of self, the world, and faith.

Have any thoughts you like to share?

To0 shy to make it a public comment on this blog? No problem.

You can email me at 1amanda412@gmail.com

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