Happy Birthday Kira!

Kira our hound/terrier mix puppy is a year old! I say puppy because she may now have a mostly adult body but she still has the energy of a puppy.


We don’t know her actual day of birth, but we estimated based on paperwork and guessed she was born around the first week of July.


To make it easy to remember we decided to give her the birthday of 4th of July. When I told my family this, my grandmother said she is a firecracker puppy! My mom agreed saying she is definitely a firecracker.

Kira at 8-10 weeks old
Kira a few weeks before her birthday

Kira is very curious and full of spunk. Mostly obedient now, she still will test the boundaries. We are now working on teaching her to settle, to calm down and sit when she sees a cat, person, etc. outside and wants to hunt or to guard us. We are also hoping to teach her roll over very soon.


For her birthday treat she got homemade whipped cream with blueberries and a homemade banana, oatmeal, and peanut butter treat. I know a little spoiled.

trying very hard to be obedient as I take a picture


She also has some new toys coming in the mail. We are trying out a few new toy brands for our super chewer, more on that to come.

Early Spring weekend

This year spring is coming early, very early compared to last year. So this past weekend we started to prepare the hill and garden.

Luke used the tiller to till up the ground and add a few more rows to our garden.


We went to the store and bought on organic seeds for this spring/summer including: carrots, spinach, broccoli, zucchini, asparagus, and rhubarb. We also bought herbs: oregano, basil, and cilantro to add to the garden this year.


I climbed up and down our hill collecting broken branches that fell of trees the winter wind and collected them into the burn pile. We also marked trees and branches that needed to be cut down and Luke cut them down with his chain saw.

More work still needs to be done but it is very exciting to have a Sunday Saturday in March to work outside.


On Sunday we got sushi at our favorite place in Rochester to celebrate Luke’s birthday he also spent some bday money in the game and comic store next door.  When we got home we played our newly bought game: Dominion Seaside expansion.


On his actually birthday we celebrated with his favorite birthday meal, beef stroganoff and my homemade Irish cinnamon rolls.

For more about these see: https://agreenesadventures.org/2014/03/15/bread-of-the-month-irish-cinnamon-rolls

It was a good weekend.

Birthday Fun

As some of you know, this past week was my birthday and I know some of you would enjoy knowing what I did to celebrate; beyond online shopping for birthday gifts. (Being the introvert I am I get excited to have packages delivered at home without any malls or answering “can I help you?”.)


The weekend before my birthday Luke took me out to all you can eat sushi at our favorite hole in the wall sushi place in Rochester. I filled up on plenty of spicy tuna  and we shared sake.

Afterwards Luke bought me shoes. Yes my husband bought me shoes for my birthday. We went to the Field and Stream by the mall and Luke bought me my first pair of Chacos. (He has been trying to get me a pair for a couple of years now).


We then headed over to the movie theatre to see Jurassic World, which was surprisingly good. Who doesn’t like a dinosaur action movie with awesome John Williams music?

jurassic world

Realizing the time after the movie we rushed over to our favorite yogurt shop just before they closed. We felt bad making her turn the machines on again which ment a soupy dessert and a few bug bites from eating it outside. Still it was a great birthday date.

very_berry_LOGOOther than this,  I decided also to make myself a few b-day treats. As you should know from reading my blog I enjoy baking and cooking new recipes so making my own b-day treats was fun.


I made lemon cream scones for breakfasts which went perfect with goat cheese and strawberry rhubarb jelly.


I also made shortcake with orange liquor macerated strawberries and homemade whipped cream. (Recipes of all of this to follow). And just in case your wondering, yes I shared my birthday treats with Luke.

Flashback: Rochester Museum and Science Center

As promised I plan this month on doing more detailed flash backs to last month’s adventures (since I didn’t post them).


For Luke’s birthday we decided to explore the Rochester Museum and Science Center. The museum had a traveling display of a few of Da Vinci’s writings and inventions we were interested in; as well as we wanted to check out the closest science museum.


Luke and I have enjoyed several science museums in the past few years. They tend to be an interactive easy date-day activity. While we were dating we explored the California Science Center and enjoyed their exhibit on ecosystems.


On a vacation in Portland Oregon in 2013 we visited OMSI the Oregon Museum of Science and Innovation. There we enjoyed many interactive displays, shows, and had the chance to tour a WWII sub. For more on this see the link below:



We began our day at the Rochester Museum and Science Center in the Da Vinci display. In one gallery were working wooden replicas of Da Vinci’s mechanical inventions along with pictures of his original drawings. Each invention had an explanation of it’s purpose, use, and how we use it in modern day machinery.


Around the corner in the same gallery were pictures of the Mona Lisa. A photographer was allowed to take raw images of the Mona Lisa and the results were displayed. The science of photography was able to help researchers discover what the Mona Lisa probably looked like when it was originally painted and how it has  been damage or aged over time. This was more interesting for the science behind photography then anything else, which Luke enjoyed.


Around the corner was the larger Da Vinci gallery. Here were more  wooden replicas of some of his larger work in all fields: aviation, weather detection, musical instruments, sea exploration, civil engineering, biology, and more.


I was unaware that he was the first to create the weather vane, tank, and some of our first drawings of human anatomy, later used in Gray’s Anatomy (the book).


This was the highlight of our time at the RMSC. RMSC had an inactive outdated display of local colonial history as well as one of  cultural symbols from around the world that seemed untouched for at least 20 years.  To get to the  hands-on learning area you had to take an elevator from the 70’s to a half floor that Luke and I were unsure we wanted to ride in.

They did have a decent hands-on area for teaching about Rochester’s role in the underground railroad and natural history area including everything from dinosaurs to local farming and the environment.

It is clear that for children the best museum to go to is the Museum of Play for more on this click on the link below:


Overall we are glad we went but have been more impressed with other science museums we have been to in the past.

What is your favorite Museum?

2013 in review

I know we are a little more than a week into the new year but it has taken me a full week to get back into the normal routine of things (I can’t be the only one who’s in the post-holiday struggle for normality). As I look back on almost a full year with this blog I thought I’d review some of the highlighting events of 2013.

So here is a review of 2013 blog style:

January: survived our first NY winter:  A Lesson in Independence and explored our local museum’s winter events: 2300 degrees

unknown img_2527

February: Started a new Valentines tradition: Valentine’s Pie: a New Tradition, and explored what it means to be newly married :Dispelling Marriage MythsMarriage Myth busting: Round 2

img_2684 img_1632

March: Celebrate Luke’s birthday with brewery tours/tastings in Rochester: A Chemistry lesson for a birthday present, Shared about my allergy to barley: Why I am barley free: Part One, and celebrated Easter: Hot Cross Buns and Berry Salad

images-71 img_2801 img_2912 img_2923

April: Celebrated 6 months of marriage: Wow it’s been 6 months!, shared details about our wedding:The Dress and  learning how to look for a job: Patience: giving myself time

img_1326 fav-2 img_2937

May: Traveled to the West Coast for an Oregon vacation and my brother’s college graduation: Vacation Highlights Part 1: Family TimeVacation Highlights Part 2: Date Days

img_3094 img_3059 img_0050 img_0701 img_0071

June: Went Kayaking in Rochester: Kayaking and BBQ, bottled our first homemade barley-free beer:  Bottling our first homemade brew and celebrated my birthday in Ithaca: An Ithaca birthday Adventure

img_0119 img_0104

img_0231 img_0184

July: Explored local festivals: Two festivals and Korean BBQ, Fixed up the front porch: Home Improvement: The Front Porch Project, and traveled to Washington to be apart of pre-wedding events for my brother’s wedding : Pre-wedding Jitters

img_0766 img_0550

August:  Particpated in my soon-to-be sister-in-law’s bridal shower: Stina’s bridal shower and other wedding events, attended two local foodie festivals in NY: Smoke on the WaterTaste of Ellicotville, and hiked a local landmark: Walkins Glen State Park= Gorge-ous

img_1260 img_1219 img_1339 img_1138

September: Looked back on my brother’s wedding: The Wedding, and shared more about my job-search: A New Year: Teacher without a classroom

img_1310 img_1289

October: Picked pumpkins and attended an Apple Festival: Picking Perfect Pumpkins;  Apple Fest,  shared about my allergy to tree-nuts:Why I am tree-nut free Part one,  and celebrated a year of marriage with a trip to Niagara Falls :Niagara Falls anniversary Part One

img_1871 img_18561 img_1917img_1944

November: Kept busy with non-blogging activities and shared about them in: busy: and update


December: Started two new holiday traditions: Post-Parade Cookies and Cocoa and Christmas Concert TSO. Attended our local holiday festival: Sparkle and shared our Christmas with my parents: A Very Corning Christmas present and A handmade and heirloom Christmas


That is one very full blogging year! And that is only a small portion of the blog-post in this past year and doesn’t include any of my recipes. So what can you look forward to reading about this next year? You’ll find out soon enough.

An Ithaca birthday adventure

As I mentioned on my birthday, this past weekend we took a trip to the college town Ithaca for some summer b-day  fun. We got moving slowly in the morning because we went to the local drive-in theatre Friday night and didn’t get to sleep until 2:30am.

Fortunately Luke made us some irish cream lattes for the road. By noon we were traveling through the green tree covered hills with the windows down passing small villages and lake side towns.


We arrived in Ithaca around 1pm and drove straight to the steamboat dock. Here at the base of Cayuga lake is Ithaca’s famous Saturday Farmer’s Market.


We entered the wood covering strung with lights and began to look around. Like a true farmers market there were many stalls of fresh local herbs, vegetables and fruits, garden plants, dairy products, and meats. But much like the more permanent Pike’s Place Market there were also vendors selling local maple syrup, honey, cheese, wine and hard cider all up for tasting and sampling.



Interspersed between the food goods were vendor stalls with homemade crafts, pottery, jewelry, paintings, photographs, incense and essential oils, woodworking and even hammocks. This was a great place to people watch or listen to a street musician playing an acoustic guitar.



There were also many food vendors from around the world: Cuban, Tibetan, Cambodian, Thai, French, and Mediterranean to name a few. Luke and I chose to order buckwheat gluten-free crepes stuffed with ricotta and spinach and topped with a mozzarella herb sauce. We took our food and sat down on the dock watching the ducks, boats, and kayakers on the lake as we ate.



Satisfied with our market experience, we left with a local bottle of hard cider and stomachs full ready for the next stage of the adventure.


Driving up the hills we stopped at Buttermilk State Park. This park hosts trails and bridges spanning from the top of lake Treman, to waterfalls through the gorge, all the way down to Buttermilk Falls base where there is a swimming hole. We took the gorge trail down to Buttermilk Falls named for the foamy white water which falls over the grated slate.


It was a very hot and humid day but it cooled off considerably once we took a few flights of stairs down onto the gorge trail and stood under the cover of the trees lining the gorge’s rim. The gorge trail follows the river as it passes over slabs of slate creating several unique mini-falls along the way.


Everyone and their dogs, were taking breaks from the humid trail to splash barefoot in the shallow waterways between the waterfalls.


After our hike, I was ready to cool down my cherry red skin. So we headed to yogurtland.  After sampling a few flavors I chose a bowl of tart blackberry passionfruit swirled with original and a small amount of vanilla topped with cheesecake bits, strawberries, and yogurt chips.


After our sugary cold treat, we checked out the campsite at the base of Buttermilk state Park then drove up to the commons, the central college area for Ithaca College and Cornell.

After a walk around we drove back down the hill and ended up at A Taste of Thai. I ordered my favorite norm: red curry with chicken and Luke tried their Rad Nah drunken spicy noodles. I was happy to get red curry as good as they come with plenty of fresh chicken, basil, peppers, and bamboo shoots.


When we arrived back home Luke commented that he saw a firefly. Excited I got out and watched, sure enough I saw that yellow flashing light moving along the grass in our backyard! I guess that is one benefit of living in some humidity.

That was my Ithaca birthday adventure.

Do you have a favorite Farmer’s Market?

How do you like your frozen yogurt?

25 is Golden


Today June 25th I turn 25, so today is my golden birthday.  And no I do not have any “gold” themed b-day plans. So what am I doing today?


Well this past weekend we celebrated with a day trip to Ithaca (which I will share later ). As for today? I plan to take a walk to the library, pick up a book on my long book list, stop by  Walker Cake Co. downtown and get a b-day treat (probably a cupcake). Then I will head to Soul full cup to enjoy a cup of caffeine and a good read.



Growing up, when it was our birthday we would open up our cards and display them on the mantel above the fireplace for a few weeks. Well right now we do not have a fireplace 😦 . But I have a solution. Awhile ago my parent’s bought me a metal picture holder. Held up by two small nails on either ends, pictures can be held between two metal loops and pinched  in place. When we moved to New York , I decided to use this holder to display cards, pictures, announcements, and invitations much as a fireplace mantel would.

Displaying all of Luke’s B-day cards in March

In seasons where there are no celebrations, I use the space to display advice cards from my bridal shower. At my bridal shower, guests were given time to write on colorful card stock advice for my marriage. They were all handed  to me at the end of the day some signed, some not. So I thought as a nice reminder, I would display these words of wisdom from my female friends and relatives. In the middle I place one of the Christmas/thank you cards we gave out this past year (for more see: invites and thank you cards: communicating with your guests).

Displaying advice cards from my bridal shower

Since we have moved this picture/card holder’s items have changed many times, displaying Christmas cards, thank you cards, graduation announcements, save the dates, and wedding invitations. It is a way to stay connected to family and friends, to remember what is going on in their lives, and to be encouraged they are aware of ours no matter how far away we are.

Displaying my b-day cards as well as my bro’s grad announcement, save the date, and wedding invite

What are you favorite b-day activities or treats?

What do you do with cards and announcements?