6 months =100 posts

 Hard to believe I started blogging A.Greene’s Adventures 6 months ago. 100 posts later, I have shared with you the ways I have transformed, transitioned, and transcended, into married life in Corning NY.

Looking back, since January we:

Survived our first NY winter

our little home covered in snow
our little home covered in snow

(See: A lesson in Independence2300 degreesmy new hometown)

Settled into our home, state, and name change

Unknown 1IMG_2961

(See: I miss my old lifeBecoming Mrs. ________________Passport to new beginningsThe Game Chest, The front porch project

Celebrated first married holidays just the two of  us


A very Irish dinner complete with Luke's Irish red ale (I had hard cider).
A very Irish dinner complete with Luke’s Irish red ale (I had hard cider).

(See: Valentines Pie a new traditionHappy St. Patrick’s Day!A (new) Easter traditionHappy Mother’s DayHappy Memorial DayHappy Father’s Day4th of July funfetti cookies,)

Discovered the job market and applied to teaching positions (me).


(See: The future ispatience: giving myself timeSummer projects, the waiting gameContentment is)

Enjoyed spring and summer festivals:


(See: Strawberry FestivalStars hollow, fireworks, and minionsTwo festivals,

Learned from each other what our married life looks like:


(See: Dispelling Marriage MythsMarriage myth busting round 2Sleep after Marriage isn’t always a Dream come TrueHappily Ever After is only the Beginning

Explored the area on drives, hikes, and kayaking


(See: kayaking and BBqAn Ithaca Birthday Adventure,)

Checked out the best local events and food


(See:  Sorge’s: local food and wineCabin feverGlassfest, )

Brewed our first homemade barley-free beer


(See: Why I am barley free part oneA chemistry lesson for a B-day PresentThe home-brewing has begunBottling our first homemade brew,

Created and experimented with many new dinners


(See: A Vegetarian Mediterranean meal,   A good Spring QuicheGreene’s Tilapia fish tacos

and dessert recipes and found our favorites:


(See: key lime chocolate cupcakescookies n’ cream pudding popsMocha cupcake oreo brownies)

Reflected back on our wedding as we celebrated each new month of marriage


(See: Who to choose for your bridal partyWow it’s been 6 monthsThe DressA pictures worthTo the Brides to be . . .)

Spent quality time with family and friends in Oregon


(See: Our first VacationVacation highlights: Date Days,

Shared in the excitement of my brother’s graduation and engagement


(See: Wedding Season has BegunFamily Time Vacation Highlights)

Celebrated our birthdays


(See: Cinnamon Roll Bunt B-day Cake25 is Goldenbirthday in picture review)

Paid off all credit card debt and learned ways to save money after completing a budget class at church

Learned how to maintain and live with one car and no dishwasher


(See: I’m a New Yorker?!Living without a dishwasherLiving with one car,)

Made new friends

Went to Washington to celebrate my brother’s wedding


(See: Pre-wedding Jitterscongrats matt and stina! and I promise pictures and details from the wedding are coming soon)

And so much more. Thank you everyone for your encouragement, your comments (here or on facebook), and most of all for sharing in Luke and my lives through reading about our adventures.

If this is your first time exploring my blog, first of all welcome! Also to learn more about my last 6 months  click on the links above, check out the calendar archive ,or look into the categories on the right of my page.

Looking forward to sharing many more adventures,

-A. Greene

Vacation Highlights Part 1: Family Time

After a wonderful vacation we are back to our home sweet home in New York.  We loved spending time with family and friends in Oregon this past week and as promised I will share some highlights with all of you.

The Halvorson family weekend

We started our family catch-up time on friday May 3rd with lunch at a favorite coffee spot in Newberg with my parents.  Luke and I shared a gluten free sandwich and got irish cream mint mochas: Yummy!! During this my bro and his fiancé spared a few seconds of their precious time to say hi. After food, excited talks, and quick weekend scheduling Luke and I drove to Champoeg (sounds like shampoo with an e on the end) state park where my grandparents had been camping. After touring their new camping vehicle, we  drove into town to get our fix of  savory and spicy northwestern teriyaki.


Next day May 4th was graduation. That afternoon we met my parents at the George Fox University gym to get our tickets. It was crowded and it was hot sitting on those wood bleachers but it was worth it to spend time with my family (3 grandparents, and Matt and Stina’s parents, and siblings) all there to proudly represent and yell for Matt and Stina as they walked across the stage. After commencement, we celebrated with dinner at a local Italian restaurant. Next stop was a dessert reception held for the many graduates involved in my brothers church.


photo 1
Matt graduated with a BA in Civil Engineering and Stina with a BA in Mathematics

Sunday was a series of progressive goodbyes. We started with a full group at church and lunch at a local sub shop (no bread this time but an awesome salad) then it was time to say goodbye to my grandparents, Stina, and her family.  After some quiet afternoon regrouping the rest of us decided to have some mind-less fun at Bullwinkles. Although I came in last at our round of mini-golf, I was proud of myself for not throwing my little purple golf ball at one of the holes or into a pond. We finished our outing with a round of burgers and way too many steak fries at Red Robin  (once again gluten free bun and all). Then it was a round of hugs and more goodbyes to my parents and brother with reminders we would see everyone in August for the wedding.


The Greene weekdays


Monday, Thursday, and Friday of the next week were date days and time with friends (don’t worry that’ll be another blog). But on Tuesday May 7th we had some Portland fun with Luke’s parents. We started our adventure at the Portland Japanese Garden. For Luke and I it was a bit sentimental since this was the first stop on our honeymoon. It is a well kept beautiful garden full of fountains, bridges, waterfalls, and archways. But enough of my words, here are pictures to prove it:

Diana and John (aka Luke’s parents or the in-laws)


After this peaceful garden stroll, we headed downtown to the famous Powells city of books. This building (a full city block of books) has so many odd directional levels that they name them by color not number.  After carrying around armfuls of maybes and asking advice from each other on what to get, we finally strategized how to book-share and brought our final purchases to the check-out area before we spent any more money.


Excited about our new reading material, we drove to Hopsworks a local organic microbrewery for dinner. Diana (Luke’s Mom) was able to get an organic meal and beer which is quite a luxury for her. Once again I was able to get a gluten free bun for my proscitto and chicken sandwich served with organic french fries. All of their beers are organic but not barley-free  so I opted for a hopped-up organic hard cider instead.



The next day (May 8th) we split off by gender. Luke and John went scouting for fishing spots, bought fishing supplies for John, and picked up the family boat to bring to their house. After a successful trip to Old Navy Diana and I got lunch at Life Source, a local organic and natural food store and did some grocery shopping.

My lunch: organic salad and slice of vegetarian enchilada with a grapefruit chamomile soda

For this simpler day we made dinner at home then enjoyed some organic ice cream and a few rounds of the board game Ticket to Ride.

Among the dinners and outings were many early morning coffee/tea talks and afternoon couch conversations where we caught up on life, told stories, and look forward to what was ahead. It was hard to say goodbye to family but we cherish the time we had with them and look forward to seeing everyone for another round of celebrations in August!

Our First Vacation

We moved to Corning New York the week of Thanksgiving and since then we’ve stayed here. So it has been almost 6 months since we have seen any of our family face-to-face. But we are very excited that today we are headed back home!

My brother is graduating for college (yay!).  Fortunately my brother’s college is less than an hour away from my in-laws home. We decided this was our chance to spend time with almost all our family (both Halvorsons and Greenes) and celebrate and we do have a lot to celebrate.

The Halvorsons
The Halvorson side minus grandparents
The Greene side minus grandma and Luke's bro
The Greene side minus grandma and Luke’s bro

This is our first true married vacation together (unless you want to count the honeymoon). So it has taken some work to figure  out responsibilities in order to get us ready to travel from coast-to-coast. I think ahead about all the little details including seeing what the weather will be like, writing and packing cards, and planning out outfits based on the activities we have going on.  Luke on the other hand focuses on the big picture, the travel plans themselves, and is completely comfortable throwing clothes in a carry-on bag the morning of the flight.


There is nothing wrong with doing things differently it is why we are a great team. But my goal is to make sure we don’t assume the other person took care of something before leaving only to realize neither one of us did as we our on our ride to the airport.


We are excited and anxious to be back in the northwest and to see some of our closests friends and family. The past few days leading up to vacation felt like they dragged on. But we are finally here! With snacks, movies, and books packed for the flights we are ready to take off. So I will see you all in a week. By then I’ll have plenty of pictures and stories to share. 🙂

Part 1 update: Life in 2010

Although my globetrotting days have stalled, 10 countries in 3 years, and so have the blogs, my life adventures have not. To do a proper and overdo update I will write a 3-part blog sharing a brief timeline of my adventures during my 3-year blogging hiatus.

Part 1: In 2010

-I graduated in May with my BA in Intercultural Studies: emphasis in the Middle East with a secondary degree in Biblical Studies from Northwest University in Kirkland WA after spending my last semester of my senior year in the Middle East.


            -I moved back into my childhood bedroom in Covina CA after a month of unsuccessfully attempting to find work or direction in the Seattle area.

-I started the MA TESOL(Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Cert. program at APU(Azusa Pacific University) during the Fall I quarter.

-I started once again attending my old church and helped jumpstart a college/young adult ministry, co-leading with a fellow MA Nurse Practitioner student at APU named Luke Greene.


That is Part 1 my life in 2010.

Coming Next: Part 2 my life in 2011