Memorial Day Weekend


This past weekend allowed for a much needed break and time to catch up on work around the house.  On Saturday we went to Lowes and did (hopefully) the majority of our summer shopping. We bought all the plant food, fertilizer, bug repent, and grass seed we think we need. Also we bought supplies to finally create that path to the front door we started working on last year.  For more on this see

An update will come as some of these projects are completed.


On Sunday we drove up to Rochester for a special dinner. All the month of May the Rochester melting pot had a special for a gluten free four course meal. That meant they took all croutons off the salads, I had good gluten free bread with my cheese, meat that was not in a flour based marinade for the entree, and flourless brownies and angel food cake to go with our chocolate. It was a great date meal out, plus because we had gift cards, and a groupon so the dinner cost half of what it normally does!


On Monday we took the day slow and did some outdoor work. Then in the afternoon, to get out of the heat, we went to see the new x-men movie, which was of course good. For our memorial day dinner we did homemade cheese hamburgers with all the fixings and baked potato wedges. We already have enough mint from my plant that I was able to make mint lemonade to go with. Later for dessert I made my fresh berry salad with homemade whip cream, a light and healthier summer dessert. For more on this see:

Overall it was a great weekend, but as always we could have used a few more days. How about you?


Memorial Day Steak Kebabs

We learned the hard way last year that if you don’t buy meat and goods before the Memorial Day weekend then you are out of luck. BBQ’s are extremely popular for this holiday weekend especially as people enjoy the many festivities occurring down town for our annual Glassfest . So this year I thought ahead and got all my meats  in advanced. (see last year’s post on glassfest)


Two Saturday’s ago I bought a chuck roast then cut it up into good sized chunks  because they shrink up when cooked.Then I placed all in a gallon size plastic bag and pulled out the marinade fixings. I didn’t portion/measure things  but I can tell what was included: soy sauce, worshiher sauce, sirachia, and a little orange juice. Adding the orange juice may seem odd to you but if you ever have had fajitas then you’d may be surprised to know that most fajita meat is usually marinaded in a good portion of orange juice. The orange juice adds the citrus and sugars that help break down and tenderize the meat as well as flavor it. Then I added the spices; a little cumin, garlic, and of course salt and pepper.


The longer you let the marinade the sit the better the flavor. I put the plastic bag in the fridge in a bowl, so that in case there is a leak it doesn’t get all over the fridge. Each time I went to get anything out of the fridge I took the bag and swish the meat and marinade around and flip over the bag in the bowl.


When it’s time to make the kebabs we chopped up  our veggies (remember both the meat and veggies shrink on the grill). We usually use green peppers, onions, sometimes grape tomatoes or mushroom. We took tin foil and wrapped it around cooking sheets; took the bag of marinade meat, bowls of cut veggies, then layered up the skewers according to personal preference.  Luke always does an all meat one to which I feel compelled to balance with an all veggie one.

We’ve done kebabs with friends several times; it’s great if people are willing to get their hands a little messy. Everyone can combine whatever amounts of meat to veggie ratio (or types of veggies they like).


I usually serve this all up Mediterranean style with a salad of grape tomatoes, cucumber, and light olive oil/lemon sauce this year I chose to do a yogurt cucumber salad. I combined a 1C of greek yogurt with olive oil, lemon juice, dill, and a little salt/pepper to chopped chunks of three large cucumbers.


And that’s was our Memorial day Steak Kebab meal! We ate it out on our front porch;first time for the summer.

So what do you BBQ up for Memorial day?

Do you stick to the classics; hot dogs and hamburgers or do something unique?

Happy Memorial Day!!

I chose to make some BBQ themed Memorial Day treats for Luke to take to the VA sharing a little thank you to his co-workers for serving those who have served.


I found these jet puffed red, white, and blue star shaped marshmallows at the store and thought up a semi-healthy dessert.


You could use watermelon or raspberries instead of strawberries. I found the blueberries were easy to work with but the strawberries were probably a little overripe. It is best to buy berries fresh and make the kabobs right away.


The leftover blueberries and marshmallows were made into more dessert kabobs for our church picnic on Sunday.IMG_3129

Whether you are enjoying a BBQ with friends and family,  celebrating those who have served, or just enjoying a day off from work or all the above have a great Memorial day!

Memorial Day Flashback!

Memorial day weekend is often a time for family, BBQs and of course honoring those who have served our country. But for Luke and I it will also always signify the anniversary of our engagement. That’s right a year ago today we got engaged!

Luke and I had just graduated two weeks earlier with our Masters degrees from APU. Our many friends and family wondered if Luke might propose at our graduation BBQ that afternoon in front of everyone. Fortunately, Luke knew that this would not work for me. I wanted our engagement to be an “us” moment. I wanted us to be able to share the news with family, friends, and facebook on our terms and in our timing.


So back to Memorial day weekend. Many times over we had been invited to Morro Bay to stay with my grandparents for the weekend.  And finally with our Masters degrees over we drove the four hours north to their beach house.

Friday we decided to take some time to ourselves. We pack up some picnic lunches and headed to Montana de Oro State Park. It was a sunny windy beautiful day. Driving through the eucalyptus trees and past the dunes we parked near a trail that followed the cliffs down to the ocean. We took a few relaxing moments to enjoy the view and walk down the trail.


We stopped at a look-out spot where the waves crashed on large rocks on the cliff below. Luke turned to me and said he had an important question to ask me.

Now we had brought up the conversation of engagement and timing many times in the past few months. So when he asked me, “are you ready to get married?” I just had to double check what I was hearing.


Luke joked about saying that ” cheesy line” but before he could launch into it I stopped him. He followed this up by  teasing, “I can get on one knee if you want”. I told him no. He understood that I didn’t like the attention and knows I don’t like being put on the spot so he didn’t expect and immediate response. I took a second to take in the moment. After what was probably an eternity for Luke, I finally said “You knew my answer would always be yes”.


As you can imagine that was followed by a kiss, a twirl, and a big hug. We stood there enjoying the view and the moment until we realized that we were hogging the look-out spot. Not wanting a crowd we decided to walk on down the path and contemplate the huge step we just made towards our future.


Now we knew that the picnic lunch in our car just wouldn’t do. So we drove to Lynn’s Easy as Pie for lunch in Cambria to have quiche and pie to celebrate.


Luke's was raspberry rhubarb and mine was boysenberry
Luke’s was raspberry rhubarb and mine was boysenberry

We then drove back into Morro Bay and toured the Morro Bay Rock. Parking near the docks, we decided it was time to call our parents and share the news.


When we got back to my grandparent’s house we told them the good news too. The rest of the weekend was spent looking at vintage rings online and talking about dates.