Meet Sienna

Here she is: Meet the newest member of our household: Sienna (Sia for short) IMG_4634 A week ago our application with East Coast Adoption Agency, a rescue that takes litters from high kill shelters in the southern states and transports them to foster homes in the central New York, went through to adopt. We then waited anxiously  the foster homes to intake new puppies. On Thursday we saw one foster home had lab/retriever mixes. We called that night to make an appointment for Saturday. IMG_4629   When we got to the foster home we were directed to the basement where the litter had been set up in a play pin.  We had the option of 2 females and one male all chocolate labs. I was unsure on how to pick, there were all adorable. So we watched the dogs interact, saw the male was docile and both females dominated over him fast. Sienna was playful but not as aggressive as the larger female, she was also not easily distracted. She sat and calmed down when I rubbed her chest-that was when I knew we’d take her home. IMG_4627 She slept fitfully on the long drive back but did not shiver. She was hesitant around Luke but followed me around the house as she explored her new surroundings. IMG_4651     Sienna is intelligent, emotionally intuitive, playful, loves being outside, and a quick learner.  We’ve gotten her into a pattern already: play outside with us, play independently inside, nap, take her back outside repeat. Yesterday she got the whole day with Luke while I was at work so she’s now comfortable with him. IMG_4645 Sienna has already learned to sit by a door to show she wants to go out and if she has to go inside she’s only gone on newspaper. IMG_4635 There’s been a lot of progress in sleep too. First night we tried to put her in a tall plastic packing container as a temporary crate, although it was taller then her she found a way to get out. So plan B we put her in the upstairs bathroom next to our bedroom with newspaper. That worked until three in the morning when I ended up sleeping in a sleeping bag next to her on the floor. IMG_4642 Last night we had Sienna spent her second night in her crate in our bedroom. She slept or played quietly without problems until 5:30!! Anytime she whined and didn’t calm down on her own we were able to call her name and remind her we were still there. Luke took her out this morning and she settled in again until he got ready for work, we are still getting used to the morning routine. IMG_4668 At first I worried if we chose correctly, or could handle the responsibilities but there are no worries now she is a wonderful puppy and a great addition to our home.

Puppy Love

I have a confession.

I have wanted a family puppy for more than a year now.


Back in Corning we knew we couldn’t have a dog in our rented house, but that didn’t stop me from looking at dogs on pinterest, adoption locations, and dream that maybe if/when we moved we’d be able to get one.

Well we moved, been in our own home in Wayland for more than 6 months. All  winter I researched adoption locations, shelters, dog breeds/mixes. I nagged Luke with puppy pictures and my list of yes/no adoptions or rescues we were willing to work with in our area.


We knew we wanted to wait until after the winter and snow. As I waited for this forever long winter to pass we talked about “what if” questions and planned out the practicals of owning/training a dog in a colder climate.

We have talked about the dogs we grew up with and how they were cared for and trained. We talked about what we will do differently based on where we live and our routine.


In the last few weeks the snow finally thawed-I started to get anxious; we went to the local pet supply store and thought through what we would need to get.

This past weekend we finally put in an application with a dog adoption agency a few hours away who rescues litters of puppies from high kill shelters.


Our newly bought doggy blanket from the pet supply store is by the door ready to go in the car once we have been approved.  We are hoping to very soon have a little lab retriever mix to care for in our home